Month: November 2016

3 Spectacular Winter Wedding Themes

We all know summer is the most popular wedding season. Why not plan your special day during the happiest time of the year? Here are three fantastic Winter Wedding themes for a magical evening.

White Wedding

Stop dreaming of a white Christmas, and start planning your White Wedding! Simplify your color scheme by planning an all-white winter wedding. This elegant and timeless theme will astound your guests as they enter your wonderland. Add depth to your décor by throwing in shades of cream and ivory for an interesting and iconic display. Don’t forget Picture Perfect’s Slice of Heaven photo booth! Our all-white, enclosed photo booth will keep your guests engaged, and will blend in with your theme flawlessly.

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Enclosed VS Open Air Booths

Image courtesy of Chelsea Hall Photography.

Photo booths are a great way to capture the moment for any occasion, including birthday parties, weddings or class reunions.  When renting a photo booth now-a-days, a major question that comes to mind is what style of photo booth would best fit your event? In the photo booth market, most photo booth vendors will only provide one style of photo booth; while some of the top photo booth companies have several choices. The most popular choices in today’s photo booth industry are Open-Air and Enclosed Booths. Both booth styles are great options, but which one is the perfect style for your event?

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Cielo at Castle Pines

Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals has been invited to Cielo at Castle Pines for the Scotts’ weddings. This venue is STUNNING. Cielo has an abundance of beautiful backdrops on its property, the perfect setting for flawless memories. I arrived at the Scott’s wedding right before dinner as planned, unloaded my gear, and rolled it smoothly into the venue. I tucked the photo booth into the designated corner, and started unpacking as the guests enjoyed their cocktails. Soon, the DJ announced the bridal party. When it came to the bride and groom’s grand entrance, the couple began their decent down a curved staircase. An iconic entrance! The couple got a bird’s eye view of their friends and family, all there to celebrate their marriage; and the guests had an unobstructed view of the newlyweds. Later that evening, I saw the wedding photographers on the upper landing taking pictures of the guests on the dance floor. They must have received some incredible photos from that vantage point. The Scotts requested our inflatable LED booth for their reception, with purple LEDs to match their color scheme. I could see the excitement on the guests’ faces as the booth inflated. The guests began enjoying their buffet dinner, as I turned my attention to the electronics of the photo booth. After conducting a test run to ensure the photo booth was top working condition, I spoke with the DJ to announce the photo booth was open to guest use. They bombarded the booth! I quickly taped photo strips into the memory book for the guests to sign, and handed a picture to every person in the photo booth. The guests kept me busy, giving the bride and groom the opportunity to step outside for a photo-op next to Cielo’s gorgeous water fall, and fire wall. This venue truly has everything; I’m pleased to have been a part of the memorable night. Toward the end of the evening, the bride and groom made another decent down the staircase, this time dressed in custom PJs, and ran merrily through a walkway lined by their loved ones, a beautiful ending to a wonderful evening.

Lisa Herrera: Cake Decorator Extraordinaire

Over the weekend, Picture Perfect joined twenty-five exhibitors at the “Same Love, Same Rights” LGBT Wedding Expo to celebrate the wonderful couples who are planning their big day. At the expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Herrera, the owner and designer of A Cake Come True. This self-taught cake decorator creates gravity defying works of art you literally have to cut into to believe they are made from cake. Lisa makes traditional cakes to down-right weird cake-sculptures for her clients. She does it all with impeccable attention to detail and a desire for excellence. Both of which I admire, and embody in my own work with our photo booths and events. I loved Lisa’s passion for what she does. I admire that she holds the same values in her company, as we do at Picture Perfect. And in the end, we both have one goal: to make your special occasions memorable.

OrangeTheory Fitness

On Friday, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was invited to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the Orangetheory Fitness – Lowry in Denver, CO. Guys, I can’t tell you how fabulous this place is. The moment I walked through the door of their studio I was greeted by three instructors with smiling faces! When I told them I was here with the photo booth, they were ecstatic! As you can imagine, there isn’t a whole lot of space in a fitness studio. I stood to the side as guests and clients filed in, ready to sweat with one of Orangetheory’s instructors at the helm. Once the class commenced, I pulled in my gear into the reception area and began the set up process. I was able to talk with the manager of the studio, Abby, as she prepped gifts for this evening’s endeavors. She told me about how Orangetheory originated, its growth over the past 6 years, and their goals for this year. They hope to double the number of fitness studios by the end of this year, and are well on their way to doing so. Wow. Just wow. No wonder I felt at home the moment I walked in. Their passion and energy for the services they provide resonate throughout the studio and is driving their success. These are the same qualities we hold near and dear at Picture Perfect. We believe in making the best experience possible for our clients, a trait shared by Orangetheory. Our photo booth, and their classes, value the use of technology to aid in the experience. Each member taking the class wears a heart-rate monitor that projects onto a monitor in the studio, motivating them to work harder, and keep their heart rate in the target zone, thus leading to a better workout and better results. Results, this is a keystone. We use the technology advanced software in our photo booths to create the best, and easiest, photo booth experience on the market. Developing our own software allows us to engineer it to emulate exactly what our clients want. I love seeing businesses with the same behaviors and values Picture Perfect has. Their success motivates me to make the very best experience for them, and for all future photo booth rentals.

Arrowhead Golf Club

Over the weekend, Picture Perfect traveled 40 minutes south of Denver to Littleton’s Arrowhead Golf Club for the Battista Wedding Reception. This is the fourth time we’ve been invited here; and I love bringing the photo booth to capture great memories for our clients and guests. Southern Littleton welcomes its guests with a beautiful array of rocky foothills. You’ll be awestruck from the drive alone! The golf club itself has an amazing backdrop of red rock structures, making for the perfect photo op for everyone who attends the wedding.

Bringing Picture Perfect’s photo booth into the venue couldn’t be easier. This time we were on the back patio of the main club building, and in the past, we’ve set up in their canopy tent. By having these choice locations, Arrowhead takes as much care and consideration to accommodate their clients as Picture Perfect does. I always admire that in a venue. Our enclosed photo booth was set and ready for the guests! The bride and groom’s loved ones picked out their photo booth props, and sat down for their pictures. Hearing the giggles coming from behind the photo booth door has to be one of my favorite parts of this job. The happy, free-spirited echoes that emerge when clients see how wonderful they look as a pirates and space ventures is so enticing, one can’t help but smile and laugh along with them! This, I think, this is the magic of a photo booth.  I hand photo strips to a happy elderly couple and watch them point out their favorite to the other as they walk away.

A wedding day is full of magic. For your upcoming event, let Picture Perfect do what we do best, capture those enchanted memories and preserve them for a lifetime.

Ken the DJ

This past weekend, at the Ross wedding reception in Arvada, CO, I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome DJ named Ken Hiatt. This gentleman was so complimentary of our photo booth set up! While people mingled and enjoyed his pleasant tunes during cocktail hour, Ken excitedly compared Picture Perfect’s photo booth with ones he has seen at other venues. “You guys are rocking it!” he said to me while marveling at our props selection. “And how many people? You said 20!?” “20’s the record.” I answered, “But we always encourage people to try and break it.”

It was just before the wedding party entered the dining hall, Ken wandered back to his booth to double check everything was ready. Ken announced the new couple with great enthusiasm. He created seamless transitions from speeches and toasts, to the first dance and garter toss. He even reminded the guess about the photo booth at regular intervals to make sure everyone got to take home a picture! Ken was a true asset to the Ross wedding. Working alongside him kept the guests, and myself laughing all night.  Thanks for the great memories Ken! I hope to see you at the next wedding soon!

Highlands Ranch Mansion

This past weekend, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was invited to the Taylor Wedding at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Mansion? I think you meant castle! This 27,000-square-foot dwelling sits atop 250 acres of beautiful hills. After bringing my photo booth up the ramp and into the mansion, the venue staff were quick to direct me toward the booth’s designated location in a hallway separating the great hall from the dining room. The room was a perfect size; like it was built for our photo booth. Set up takes no time. After a test picture, I look about the rooms surrounding me. They are BEAUTIFUL! The way the city has restored the mansion is astounding. They were able to preserve the original brick, while updating the walls and decor so they fit in a modern age. Just like our photo booths! I chuckled to myself. Cocktail hour starts, and I’m back at my post. The party has started! I love watching the guests riffling through our props selection. “What a variety!” I overhear one of the guests exclaim as she tosses a Batman mask at her husband. Her excitement radiates throughout the hallway as the couple sits down in the booth for their picture. I can hear the laughter through the booth walls; so can the guests in the dining room. I see them craning their heads in our direction to see what all the commotion is about. “Come pick out props for your picture!” I call out to the guests. Giggling like a child, an older gentleman drags his wife over to the props table. I see her roll her eyes as he shoves a jester hat on his head, and pushes a tiara and wand into her hands. “I guess we’re ready…” she says hesitantly. “You look fabulous” is all I reply, as I direct them into the booth and show them how to operate our one-of-a-kind software. The night continues as all weddings do, full of laughter, drinks, and cheerful babble. At the end, I was so excited to present the Picture Perfect memory book to the bride and groom, and for them to flip through the exquisitely glossy photo booth pictures accompanied by unique messages left by their friends and loved ones. Thanks to the beautiful location, and the joyous guests, I’m reminded why I love working with Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals. Until next time Highlands Ranch Mansion!!

6 Unique Holiday Party Themes

The holidays are coming up fast! Here are a few fun ideas to make your holiday party a hit! 

A Christmas Story

One of the most famous holiday movies around, A Christmas Story is the perfect 1940’s holiday party theme. With Coca-cola in glass bottles, root beer floats, and an actual, life-size leg lamp for your guests to pose with in your photo booth, who could ask Santa for more?

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