Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was graciously invited back to The Manor house in January to celebrate the Starke couple for a lovely winter evening in the foothills. 

 We were astounded by the 8,000 square-foot Manor House. It’s a glorious, white mansion that looks so inviting that you’ll feel as if you’re royalty. Speaking of royalty, did you know President Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the Manor House on October 24, 1916? When I heard that I felt so small in this huge, lavish house. The staff quickly welcomed me and my photo booth, and pointed me in the direction where I would be setting up my open-air photo booth for the wedding. The room itself seemed huge! Once guests began to arrive and mingle, a crowd formed around the open air booth.

Thanks to the easy access and clear view of all the fun happening at the photo booth, the wedding guests stayed entertained all evening! The families were so energetic and excited to take pictures with the new couple, and with family they haven’t seen in some time. As speeches began, I could walk around the Manor House to find the bathroom which seemed to become somewhat of a challenge because of all the rooms that were off each corner. There seemed to be a fireplace in each room along with beautiful views of amazing colorful Colorado at all angles. The Manor House was such a wonderful and refreshing experience; especially being able to see a place where they continue to restore and preserve the simplicity of the past while keeping it modern for present and future joys of life.

Thanks for letting Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals partake in your special day!