CableLabs had their annual business conference at the Keystone Resort and Conference Center. This resort is a massive venue with so much to offer! Lodging, skiing, bike trails, golf courses, fine dining. There are summer and winter activities, music festivals, kid’s discovery days, painting, and more!

We brought a decked out Open Air Photo Booth with a green screen backdrop, a red carpet runway, and an external monitor to display a slideshow of all the guest’s amazing photo strips.

The Venue blew us away with it’s amenities, and most of all, the view. Fresh coffee was always available to keep everyone awake and ready for what each day would bring.

We had the booth up and running during the entire course of the three-day business conference. Guests could join a number of seminars and talks on a variety of team building and educational topics. In between these panels, we provided them with a way to let their hair down and take some silly pictures with their team members!

Keystone Groups and Conferences
Keystone Groups and Conferences

Keystone Resort and Conference Center was impressive in every way. The professional and friendly staff made sure everything was unfolding according to plan and the guests were taken care of at every turn. CableLabs chose the perfect location for their business conference and we were excited to be part of it!

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