Fundraiser Donate
Fundraiser Donate

If you’re planning a charity fundraiser and event, you’ll be wanting to think of ideas that have the most earning potential. A photo booth is a great way of generating cash and it fits in will any type of event. Whether you’re having a sit-down meal, an afternoon fair at a school or a disco party, here’s why we think hiring a photo booth is one of the best things you can do to generate cash for your charity.

Pay per use

Everyone I’ve ever met has loved the fun of a photo booth. Even the shyest among us let their hair down with props and backdrops. The great thing about photo booths is that people will pay good money to use one. If there’s a photo booth at your fundraiser you can charge a lot more too as people will be more willing to part with their money. Not only that but also your fundraiser guests still get something to take away. Their money gets them both the experience and the photo souvenir.

Repeated income

Since photo booths are so much fun, people will want to use them time and time again. With a large variety of props, the fundraiser guests will want to keep returning and try out new looks and have even more fun. Since all profits will go to charity, your guests will be more likely to come prepared to spend money!

Ad space for sponsors

With fundraisers you often have sponsors. Having a photo booth is a great way of creating ad space to sell. Depending on the sponsors, they might choose to include their logo or slogan on the photo booth prints. These will then become marketing tools for long after the fundraiser is over when guests put up their photos in their homes.

Pay for the experience/pay for the photos

There are a number of ways you can make money from a photo booth at your fundraiser. You could charge guests to experience the photo booth and have them receive the photos digitally or you could charge both for the experience and a separate fee for print outs. You could even consider lots of options for photo printing – keychains, mugs, t-shirts, etc. that your guests could order and raise even more money for your charity.

Social media exposure

With a photo booth and digital sharing, you can encourage your guests to promote your charity and share your fundraising website or hashtag when they post their photos on social media platforms. You could go one step further with this and create a projected display of all of their photos that they post with the hashtag. This will incentivize guests to post photos online even more!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get a photo booth booked for your charity event and see just how much money you can make from it! Put the fun in fundraiser!