How to choose the right venue and overall style for your wedding!

The most important task after getting the ring is finding the right venue. To do this you have to ask yourself are you a traditional couple with the black tux, white dress, and church venue? Or are you the “step out of bounds” couple with the bright color dress, James Bond tux, and the vintage hall? Both wedding styles are beautiful and make the most of their historic value in different ways.

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The Monastery Event Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is a great example.
True to its name this venue embraces its history in the best way.

If you’re more traditional and you hear church bells when you think of your wedding The Monastery is the venue for you. A unique setting that can house both a ceremony and reception. Their courtyard is perfect for invaluable photos and even those who opt for an outdoor ceremony. They have also resurrected the historic “Golden Wedding Champagne” for their guests. In fact, couples who book with the venue receive free personalized champagne flutes. What better way to help commemorate your big day?

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Starr Gennett Building
Richmond, IN

On the flip side is the vintage Starr Gennett Building, rich in jazz music history. They keep the music alive through live concerts but also through music education sessions. If you’re in the area you can see The Walk of Fame recurring every September and even their tributes to Shakespeare throughout July. Ultimately this open venue is a distinctive choice and the ideal venue for those dreaming of a vintage venue with a bit of nature. It is located in a public park right by a river for lovely photos. With its already perfect location, you can decorate and make it yours!

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No matter what you choose the most important part of any wedding is the people you share your special day with. The love, the laughter, and unforgettable memories. Of course, we here at Picture Perfect are also happy to help you make memories and make it a perfect day!

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The booth was a great addition to their wedding!