On Friday, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was invited to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the Orangetheory Fitness – Lowry in Denver, CO. Guys, I can’t tell you how fabulous this place is. The moment I walked through the door of their studio I was greeted by three instructors with smiling faces! When I told them I was here with the photo booth, they were ecstatic! As you can imagine, there isn’t a whole lot of space in a fitness studio. I stood to the side as guests and clients filed in, ready to sweat with one of Orangetheory’s instructors at the helm. Once the class commenced, I pulled in my gear into the reception area and began the set up process. I was able to talk with the manager of the studio, Abby, as she prepped gifts for this evening’s endeavors. She told me about how Orangetheory originated, its growth over the past 6 years, and their goals for this year. They hope to double the number of fitness studios by the end of this year, and are well on their way to doing so. Wow. Just wow. No wonder I felt at home the moment I walked in. Their passion and energy for the services they provide resonate throughout the studio and is driving their success. These are the same qualities we hold near and dear at Picture Perfect. We believe in making the best experience possible for our clients, a trait shared by Orangetheory. Our photo booth, and their classes, value the use of technology to aid in the experience. Each member taking the class wears a heart-rate monitor that projects onto a monitor in the studio, motivating them to work harder, and keep their heart rate in the target zone, thus leading to a better workout and better results. Results, this is a keystone. We use the technology advanced software in our photo booths to create the best, and easiest, photo booth experience on the market. Developing our own software allows us to engineer it to emulate exactly what our clients want. I love seeing businesses with the same behaviors and values Picture Perfect has. Their success motivates me to make the very best experience for them, and for all future photo booth rentals.