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Photo Booth Rental at Cheyenne Mountain

When you think about Prom, the first thought is usually how to not freezing in the Colorado weather (even in late April!). Well, thankfully, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, in Colorado Springs, has a similar thought on their minds, thus resulting in their heated entrance. The interior of the resort mimicked the exterior of the building with an Ohio Rubble style design that gave the resort a lovely earth feel to compliment the mountainous terrain surrounding the resort. When you are dropped off or escorted out of the car, truck, or limousine you’ll be greeted with heat instead of an artic breezes. When the Air Academy asked us to be a part of their Prom it brought joy to my heart. Getting to watch teens enjoy a night of beautiful clothing and wonderful people is always a great experience.

Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths

The amazing view and venue were breathtaking! There were two events at the Cheyenne Resort. The main entry hall was so big that catering to two events that night seemed to have no effect on the resort’s staff. Everyone could fit inside the entry so that they weren’t stuck standing in the cold while socializing and waiting to be directed to their designated party. Once I set up the open air photo booth and opened for pictures, the Prom-goers had plenty of room to try on the photo booth prop to their heart’s desired. There was no need to worry about bumping into anyone or accidently photobombing another’s pictures in the Open-Air photo booth set up.

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I felt as if I was experiencing so many aspects of Colorado in just one place. It truly was beautiful. Air Academy, thank you for allowing Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals partake in this special night for you students!

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