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4 Things to Consider BEFORE Booking Your Photo Booth

Party throwers across the globe google “Photo booth” an average of 226,600 times a month.[1] With photo booth businesses popping up in every garage, how do you find the highest quality service with the best price? Shopping for photo booths is no easy task, but reading this page is a good place to start.

Here are 4 items to consider before booking your photo booth.

1. Photo Booth Types

Choosing the right photo booth for your party is essential. Is the party full of photobombing social butterflies? Check out an open air photo booth. Guests are more reserved? Try a classic photo booth style. Want something different? Try Inflatable, LED, Slow mo, Boxed, or Flipbooks! With so many options out there, be sure to book with a company that offers your ideal photo booth. Better yet, go with a company that offers them all!

Box photo booth with curtain closer Open Air photo booth Classic photo booth with curtain closer Inflatable photo booth, LED photo booth

2. Prop Selection

Props make the picture. Most photo booth rental companies offer photo prop options with the booth rental, but often times they only provide signs and stick props. Do yourself a favor and check out the prop options before you book. If you have a party theme, ask if the company can coordinate props to match!

Hulk mask, Spiderman mask, super heroes 4 people using photo booth Custom theme photo props Custom theme photo props Bridal Party, stick props

3. Professionalism and Excellence

Let’s face it, weddings, birthdays, whatever the event, throwing a party costs $$$. You’re already paying for so much, make sure the photo booth doesn’t fall flat. When a photo booth is offered as an add-on by DJs, photographers, or venues, the booth is often an afterthought, resulting in an unattended photo booth and messy area for your guests. Check out companies that only offer photo booth rentals; they do one thing, and they do it right. These companies specialize in photo booths and have dedicated Event Heroes to ensure your guests receive the assistance they need to take the best photos.

Professional and Experienced

4. Flexibility

As mentioned in #3, photo booth rentals cost money. You’re spending the cash, make sure it’s what YOU want it to be. Ask the photo booth company how flexible they are with time adjustments, photo strip prints, prop options, and last minute changes. Life happens. Make sure you’re covered.

When booking a photo booth, it really boils down to one thing: options. Companies that focus on photo booth rentals alone will get you the best deal, with the most customization, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the pictures. For more options that you can include with your photo booth rental, check out the webpages for your area.



Unique photo booth props Glitter photo booth Photo booth sign Large photo booth Large capacity photo booth Photo booth prop

[1] "Infographic – Photo Booth Numbers for 2016"Photobooths. Retrieved 2018-02-08

NOOCH Vegan Market Photo Booth Rental

Vanessa, from NOOCH Vegan Market, invited Picture Perfect to her annul Vegan Prom Fundraiser for the second year in a row! We packed up our open air photo booth, and headed to the Mercury Cafe for this evening affair. Vanessa and her team decided on a custom backdrop for the rental, creating a unique look for the photo strips. The guests could dance all night to the live band, participate in prized raffle drawings, and, of course, use the photo booth to their heart's content! We even supplied the guests with vegan themed photo booth props to ensure a fun filled evening. Check out these great shots from the open air photo booth!

Booth Props, photo booth fun Photo booth signs, photo booth props Special photo booth props open air photo booth rental open air photobooth Photo booth props, photobooth props

Open air booth Booth props, photo booth strip PHOTO BOOTH props, big glasses Photo booth strip, photo strip

Open-air photo booth, booth props Photo booth props, open air booth Photo booth rental Photo Booth Props


Vanessa, Thank you for inviting Picture Perfect to partake in this extravaganza! We can't wait until next year!!



Host: NOOCH Vegan Market

Music: DJ Brian Polk and ChadZilla and The Asteroids

Venue: Mercury Cafe

Photo Booth: Picture Perfect


Photo Booth Rental at Cheyenne Mountain

When you think about Prom, the first thought is usually how to not freezing in the Colorado weather (even in late April!). Well, thankfully, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, in Colorado Springs, has a similar thought on their minds, thus resulting in their heated entrance. The interior of the resort mimicked the exterior of the building with an Ohio Rubble style design that gave the resort a lovely earth feel to compliment the mountainous terrain surrounding the resort. When you are dropped off or escorted out of the car, truck, or limousine you’ll be greeted with heat instead of an artic breezes. When the Air Academy asked us to be a part of their Prom it brought joy to my heart. Getting to watch teens enjoy a night of beautiful clothing and wonderful people is always a great experience.

Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths

The amazing view and venue were breathtaking! There were two events at the Cheyenne Resort. The main entry hall was so big that catering to two events that night seemed to have no effect on the resort’s staff. Everyone could fit inside the entry so that they weren’t stuck standing in the cold while socializing and waiting to be directed to their designated party. Once I set up the open air photo booth and opened for pictures, the Prom-goers had plenty of room to try on the photo booth prop to their heart’s desired. There was no need to worry about bumping into anyone or accidently photobombing another’s pictures in the Open-Air photo booth set up.

open air booth rentalPhoto Booth Props  Photo booth rental

I felt as if I was experiencing so many aspects of Colorado in just one place. It truly was beautiful. Air Academy, thank you for allowing Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals partake in this special night for you students!

Picture Perfect's Open Air Booth Classic photo booth rentals Photo booth Props

Photo Booth Rentals at The Manor House

Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was graciously invited back to The Manor house in January to celebrate the Starke couple for a lovely winter evening in the foothills. 

 We were astounded by the 8,000 square-foot Manor House. It’s a glorious, white mansion that looks so inviting that you’ll feel as if you’re royalty. Speaking of royalty, did you know President Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the Manor House on October 24, 1916? When I heard that I felt so small in this huge, lavish house. The staff quickly welcomed me and my photo booth, and pointed me in the direction where I would be setting up my open-air photo booth for the wedding. The room itself seemed huge! Once guests began to arrive and mingle, a crowd formed around the open air booth.

Thanks to the easy access and clear view of all the fun happening at the photo booth, the wedding guests stayed entertained all evening! The families were so energetic and excited to take pictures with the new couple, and with family they haven’t seen in some time. As speeches began, I could walk around the Manor House to find the bathroom which seemed to become somewhat of a challenge because of all the rooms that were off each corner. There seemed to be a fireplace in each room along with beautiful views of amazing colorful Colorado at all angles. The Manor House was such a wonderful and refreshing experience; especially being able to see a place where they continue to restore and preserve the simplicity of the past while keeping it modern for present and future joys of life.

Thanks for letting Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals partake in your special day!

Green Screen: The Ultimate Photo Booth Add-on

Thinking about having a photo booth at your next special event?  Wanting to spice up your event with an add-on that all your guests will remember? A green screen is an entertaining option that will give you and your guests a chance to us state-of-the-art technology that allows a seemingly endless selection of digital backgrounds. Here are four reasons a green screen would be a great addition to your special event. 

Variety Of Backgrounds


Instead of being stuck with the same background for every picture, your guests will be able to select from a variety of fun and exciting backgrounds. From the Eiffel tower in Paris, to a red-carpet event in Hollywood, your guests will be able to customize their photo and have a blast while doing so. 

Cost Effective


Personalized backdrops costs over $100+ to have made and leaves your guests with only one option. A green screen is half the price and allows for an array of backgrounds for your guests to choose from. The difference between a back drop and a green screen is nearly undetectable.  Most green screens can be more vibrant and visible than personalized backdrops.



The green screen option is great for all occasions, especially parties with themes. From corporate parties to weddings, your guests can appreciate the backgrounds that are specifically made for your event. You can personalize the background even more with pictures, logos and monograms that will make your event more memorable. 

Prop Pairing


Some photo booth companies will have props that correlate with the green screen backgrounds. This allows the guests to get creative and make some awesome pictures that will be admired for years to come. A great prop that photo booth companies sometimes bring along with them is green fabric that will blend in with the green screen background. This concept is a ton of fun when you want to be floating head coming out of a magician's hat or want to look like you are in an astronaut's helmet. 


Green screens are one of the trendiest features photo booth companies are currently offering, and have made photo booths more prevalent at events. Some people have only seen green screen in movies; and photo booth have brought the green screen magic, to party venues all over America.  Green screens have been a huge game changer in the party industry and a great addition that guests of all ages will enjoy!