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4 Things to Consider BEFORE Booking Your Photo Booth

Party throwers across the globe google “Photo booth” an average of 226,600 times a month.[1] With photo booth businesses popping up in every garage, how do you find the highest quality service with the best price? Shopping for photo booths is no easy task, but reading this page is a good place to start.

Here are 4 items to consider before booking your photo booth.

1. Photo Booth Types

Choosing the right photo booth for your party is essential. Is the party full of photobombing social butterflies? Check out an open air photo booth. Guests are more reserved? Try a classic photo booth style. Want something different? Try Inflatable, LED, Slow mo, Boxed, or Flipbooks! With so many options out there, be sure to book with a company that offers your ideal photo booth. Better yet, go with a company that offers them all!

Box photo booth with curtain closer Open Air photo booth Classic photo booth with curtain closer Inflatable photo booth, LED photo booth

2. Prop Selection

Props make the picture. Most photo booth rental companies offer photo prop options with the booth rental, but often times they only provide signs and stick props. Do yourself a favor and check out the prop options before you book. If you have a party theme, ask if the company can coordinate props to match!

Hulk mask, Spiderman mask, super heroes 4 people using photo booth Custom theme photo props Custom theme photo props Bridal Party, stick props

3. Professionalism and Excellence

Let’s face it, weddings, birthdays, whatever the event, throwing a party costs $$$. You’re already paying for so much, make sure the photo booth doesn’t fall flat. When a photo booth is offered as an add-on by DJs, photographers, or venues, the booth is often an afterthought, resulting in an unattended photo booth and messy area for your guests. Check out companies that only offer photo booth rentals; they do one thing, and they do it right. These companies specialize in photo booths and have dedicated Event Heroes to ensure your guests receive the assistance they need to take the best photos.

Professional and Experienced

4. Flexibility

As mentioned in #3, photo booth rentals cost money. You’re spending the cash, make sure it’s what YOU want it to be. Ask the photo booth company how flexible they are with time adjustments, photo strip prints, prop options, and last minute changes. Life happens. Make sure you’re covered.

When booking a photo booth, it really boils down to one thing: options. Companies that focus on photo booth rentals alone will get you the best deal, with the most customization, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the pictures. For more options that you can include with your photo booth rental, check out the webpages for your area.



Unique photo booth props Glitter photo booth Photo booth sign Large photo booth Large capacity photo booth Photo booth prop

[1] "Infographic – Photo Booth Numbers for 2016"Photobooths. Retrieved 2018-02-08

Laura and Samuel’s Photo Booth Rental

Congratulations Laura and Samuel!! These two tied the knot at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds with a beautiful wedding and reception, and Picture Perfect was thrilled to capture their memories with our enclosed photo booth. The venue hall was a perfect size the for crowds around the photo booth. Guests had space to try on props, and sign the memory booth with no issues. Check out these awesome pictures from the photo booth rental!


Here, Event Hero Jacob is helping guests with the enclosed photo booth rental.

 Photo booth props

Look classy, or get weird. The choice is your in the photo booth!

photo booth rental Photo booth props Photo booth sunglasses Photo booth props enclosed photo booth rental Photo booth families

Thank you Laura and Samuel for allowing Picture Perfect to capture perfect memories. As always, our goal is to make perfect memories for you!!

Rhiannon + Johnny’s Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rental Photo booth rental, photo strip Photo booth, Bride and Groom, Custom logo

How do you bring the 21st century to a vintage wedding? Invite a photo booth! Today's wedding from Rhiannon and Johnny was the perfect mix between a garden party and a vintage wedding. The ceremony was held on the Highlands Ranch Mansion grounds just before sunset, with the mansion providing a perfect background for the bride and groom.

Vintage weddings, Vintage photo booth  Vintage photo booth for a vintage wedding 


Inside, the team from Sisterhood Vintage worked their magic! The center pieces and candle lit head table complement the classic décor and style of the venue, and the dessert decorators prepped a beautiful table of cupcakes.

   wedding cakes and photo booths 

After dinner and loving toasts, what is left to do at a wedding reception? Time to PARTY! With the props set, and the photo booth software running, Rhiannon and Johnny captured picture perfect memories with their loved ones inside the photo booth. With the vast selection of props provided, guests could pick photo booth props that matched their personalities.

Photo booth rental Photo Booth Rental, Photo booth props Enclosed photo booth rental Photo Booth Rental, Photo booth software

The bride and groom selected an enclosed photo booth for their reception. This set up allowed their guests to get silly behind a closed curtain, without feeling subconscious in front of other guests.

Photo booth rentals Photo booth rentals, photo booth fun Photo booth rentals, photo booth fun Photo booth rentals, photo booth props Enclosed photo booth Photo booth rental provided by Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals

Party on, guys! Thank you for inviting Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals to partake in your special day. Congratulations Rhiannon and Johnny!

photo booth rental photo booth props, photo booth rental Enclosed photo booth rental Photo booth weddingphoto booth weddings


Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion

Caterers: Relish Catering & Events

Desserts: Desert Stand

Photographer: Heirloom Snaps – Vanessa Mir

Videographer: Continuity Image + Motion – Doug Koke

DJ: Discosapien – Rex Buchanan

Florist: Designs Inspired by You – Lisa Weddel

Furniture Rentals: Sisterhood Vintage

Photo Booth Rental at Cheyenne Mountain

When you think about Prom, the first thought is usually how to not freezing in the Colorado weather (even in late April!). Well, thankfully, the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, in Colorado Springs, has a similar thought on their minds, thus resulting in their heated entrance. The interior of the resort mimicked the exterior of the building with an Ohio Rubble style design that gave the resort a lovely earth feel to compliment the mountainous terrain surrounding the resort. When you are dropped off or escorted out of the car, truck, or limousine you’ll be greeted with heat instead of an artic breezes. When the Air Academy asked us to be a part of their Prom it brought joy to my heart. Getting to watch teens enjoy a night of beautiful clothing and wonderful people is always a great experience.

Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths Open Air Photo Booth Rental - Picture Perfect Photobooths

The amazing view and venue were breathtaking! There were two events at the Cheyenne Resort. The main entry hall was so big that catering to two events that night seemed to have no effect on the resort’s staff. Everyone could fit inside the entry so that they weren’t stuck standing in the cold while socializing and waiting to be directed to their designated party. Once I set up the open air photo booth and opened for pictures, the Prom-goers had plenty of room to try on the photo booth prop to their heart’s desired. There was no need to worry about bumping into anyone or accidently photobombing another’s pictures in the Open-Air photo booth set up.

open air booth rentalPhoto Booth Props  Photo booth rental

I felt as if I was experiencing so many aspects of Colorado in just one place. It truly was beautiful. Air Academy, thank you for allowing Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals partake in this special night for you students!

Picture Perfect's Open Air Booth Classic photo booth rentals Photo booth Props

Sonnenalp Hotel, Vail CO

Picture Perfect got to enjoy sunny Vail, Colorado when we brought out black pop-up photo booth to Kara and Mac’s wedding reception. The Sonnenalp Hotel was the perfect setting for Kara and Mac’s ceremony and reception. It offered an intimate lawn ceremony and a large ballroom for the celebration! With the photo booth tucked neatly into the corner of the ballroom, Kara and Mac’s family and friends were able to take pictures and party all night long! Kara and Mac requested a green screen with their booth rental, so their guests could choose the background for each shot on the photo strip, adding a flair of color and variety to our standard photo booth! Check out these awesome photo strips of our fabulous guests!!

1471743198 1471748550 1471745741 1471748900

Thanks for having Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals as a part of your celebration!

Ringing in the New Year

Don’t let the cold weather keep you inside! Forget the resolutions until after, just let loose and enjoy the night.  Here are 3 great ways to pump up your New Year’s Eve party and capture the last moments of 2016.

If you’re throwing a party…

Wow your guest with a fun festive décor. Black, white, silver, and gold are attractive colors that people love during the new year! Picture Perfect offers an array of backdrops and booth selections corresponding with these popular colors to make your New Year party sparkle and pop.


Who doesn’t love a good laugh from a Slow Motion video? We offer The Slow Motion Booth which allows you, your friends and family to let loose and get silly. This booth stimulates tons of laughter and excitement as the videos are slowed down and shown in great detail. So bring out the confetti and poppers and get the party started!

Every New Year is full of confetti, flashy glasses, fun hats, and everything in between! In addition to those New Year goodies, we bring tons of extra props making the last moments of 2016 as memorable and fun as possible!

Enclosed VS Open Air Booths

Photo booths are a great way to capture the moment for any occasion, including birthday parties, weddings or class reunions.  When renting a photo booth now-a-days, a major question that comes to mind is what style of photo booth would best fit your event? In the photo booth market, most photo booth vendors will only provide one style of photo booth; while some of the top photo booth companies have several choices. The most popular choices in today’s photo booth industry are Open-Air and Enclosed Booths. Both booth styles are great options, but which one is the perfect style for your event?

Enclosed booths are widely seen as the more traditional style of photo booths. Enclosed booths are designed after the 50-year-old idea of the photo booths, commonly seen in malls all over America.  These booths started the photo booth revolution.
Privacy- Enclosed booths also allow guests to have privacy when getting their pictures taken. Behind the curtain door, guests tend to loosen up and hosts end up with some wacky and exciting pictures in their memory book.
Set Up- Another great aspect of an enclosed booth is the set up. The printer is set up outside the booth, while people are waiting for their pictures, other guests can be starting another session. This helps to keep the line moving.

On the other hand, Open-Air booths are a more modern and eye catching style of booth. An Open-Air booth consists of an open backdrop with a kiosk containing a camera and screen.
Eye Catching- The openness of the booth allows everyone in close radius to witness the action and draw a crowd.
Space- These booths take up less space and people can move around the party a little easier.

Photo booths, in general, are great additions to every event and are very popular among party guests. Whether it is an Enclosed, Open-Air or another style of photo booth at your event, your guests will be flocking to the photo booth and will have awesome keepsakes that will forever remind them of your Picture Perfect event. 

Check it out! One of newest style of photo booths now provided by companies are inflatable LED Photo Booth. These larger-designed booths provide the space of an Open-Air booth and has the privacy aspect of an Enclosed booth.

Ken the DJ

This past weekend, at the Ross wedding reception in Arvada, CO, I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome DJ named Ken Hiatt. This gentleman was so complimentary of our photo booth set up! While people mingled and enjoyed his pleasant tunes during cocktail hour, Ken excitedly compared Picture Perfect’s photo booth with ones he has seen at other venues. “You guys are rocking it!” he said to me while marveling at our props selection. “And how many people? You said 20!?” “20’s the record.” I answered, “But we always encourage people to try and break it.”

It was just before the wedding party entered the dining hall, Ken wandered back to his booth to double check everything was ready. Ken announced the new couple with great enthusiasm. He created seamless transitions from speeches and toasts, to the first dance and garter toss. He even reminded the guess about the photo booth at regular intervals to make sure everyone got to take home a picture! Ken was a true asset to the Ross wedding. Working alongside him kept the guests, and myself laughing all night.  Thanks for the great memories Ken! I hope to see you at the next wedding soon!

Highlands Ranch Mansion

This past weekend, Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals was invited to the Taylor Wedding at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Mansion? I think you meant castle! This 27,000-square-foot dwelling sits atop 250 acres of beautiful hills. After bringing my photo booth up the ramp and into the mansion, the venue staff were quick to direct me toward the booth’s designated location in a hallway separating the great hall from the dining room. The room was a perfect size; like it was built for our photo booth. Set up takes no time. After a test picture, I look about the rooms surrounding me. They are BEAUTIFUL! The way the city has restored the mansion is astounding. They were able to preserve the original brick, while updating the walls and decor so they fit in a modern age. Just like our photo booths! I chuckled to myself. Cocktail hour starts, and I’m back at my post. The party has started! I love watching the guests riffling through our props selection. “What a variety!” I overhear one of the guests exclaim as she tosses a Batman mask at her husband. Her excitement radiates throughout the hallway as the couple sits down in the booth for their picture. I can hear the laughter through the booth walls; so can the guests in the dining room. I see them craning their heads in our direction to see what all the commotion is about. “Come pick out props for your picture!” I call out to the guests. Giggling like a child, an older gentleman drags his wife over to the props table. I see her roll her eyes as he shoves a jester hat on his head, and pushes a tiara and wand into her hands. “I guess we’re ready…” she says hesitantly. “You look fabulous” is all I reply, as I direct them into the booth and show them how to operate our one-of-a-kind software. The night continues as all weddings do, full of laughter, drinks, and cheerful babble. At the end, I was so excited to present the Picture Perfect memory book to the bride and groom, and for them to flip through the exquisitely glossy photo booth pictures accompanied by unique messages left by their friends and loved ones. Thanks to the beautiful location, and the joyous guests, I’m reminded why I love working with Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals. Until next time Highlands Ranch Mansion!!

“You have the BEST props!!”

“You have the BEST props!!” Why, thank you! We hear this comment all the time at Picture Perfect. In fact, this past weekend all of our Event Hero’s received specific complements on our photo booth props alone! So what makes them so great? Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals focuses on variety. When filling our photo booth prop boxes, we start with the traditional booth props: tiaras, boas, big party sunglasses, and TONS of stick mustaches. We bring an assortment of prop hats to each event we visit: cowboy hats, sparkle hats, cloth hats, hats shaped like animals, even some that light up! Hats not your thing? We stay current on popular items, such as super hero masks, and Super Mario Brothers masks, all are great hits with those of all ages! We like our booth props to have a little imagination; by pairing the photo booth props with Picture Perfect’s innovative green screen, we can give you the opportunity to fight off dragons with your shield, helmet, and mace in hand to save the damsel in distress. Then, jump from medieval times in one picture shot, to a great space adventure in your second picture. Don’t forget your space helmet! We are confident anyone and everyone will find a fun persona when they embellish their outfits and capture entertaining moments in Picture Perfect’s photo booth.