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Flip Booth

Print your video stories with our Flip Booth – a unique way of creating memories at your event

You probably remember the flip books of times past with a stick man moving through the pages. Who would have thought you can actually be the star of your very own flip book?!

What is a flip book?

A flip book is a small book containing still images. The idea is that each image differs slightly from the one before it so that when you flick through the book, it looks like the picture is moving like a film.

How does the Flip Booth work?

The Flip Booth is like a traditional photo booth. You can use props and backdrops and have a great time with your friends and loved ones. It’s different, however, in that the Flip Booth records 7-second videos and uses these to create mini flip books. Each page of the flip book contains a still image from your video. By flicking through all of the images quickly, it is like watching a silent video of your time in the booth!

How do you get a copy of your video in a flip book?

What’s great about hiring the Flip Booth is that you don’t have to wait for your flip books to be printed at a later date. All of your guests can access their flip books straight away as they are printed, cut and stapled on site. So, not only will they have a great time in the booth, but they will have an immediate souvenir to take away with them. Your guests will love going around and showing their finished flip books to one another.

Some ideas for your flip book.

Any sort of movement will look great in a flip book. Jumping in the air, putting on some sunglasses or taking a drink are all great ideas. If you’re at a romantic event like a wedding or an engagement party, sharing a kiss with your partner would be a fun memory. If you’re a bride, why not throw your bouquet and catch it on film?

What type of events are good for the Flip Booth?

The great thing about the Flip Booth is that everyone will love it! From young children, teens, to adults and the older generation, the Flip Booth will please everyone and be great entertainment at any event. So, if it’s a birthday party, whether a child’s or a 90th birthday, the Flip Booth will provide great entertainment and great souvenirs in one!

Weddings are a really good place for the Flip Booth. Because weddings are usually all-day affairs, a Flip Booth is great because the guests can come and go throughout the day. What’s great about the Flip Booth is that the printed flip books can be a wedding favor to your guests! They will love being creative and coming up with a really good flip book souvenir! As well as your guests having a souvenir, you can have a copy of all of the footage too!

*This photo booth is only able to provide flip book photos.