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The Mirror Booth

Picture Perfect Photobooth Rentals, LLC supply foto master mirror booth and mirror booths. In high demand for corporate events, weddings and celebrations our high quality booths and mirrors are a great way to increase your income with fast ROI

Take advantage and get on board, whether you are new to the photo booth world (or have an existing business), we offer training and support to get your business flying!

Birthday Party Photo Booth Your Guests Will Love

Surprise your friends and family with a birthday party photo booth at your next big event. With laughter and live prints, the guest of honor won’t be the only one glad they came. Book Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals now.

Break The Ice

Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like a photo booth. A fun backdrop, a few blush-inducing props and in no time you’ll have friends and family mingling in front of the camera.

All About Fun

Incorporating your photo booth ideas for weddings into your celebration is an excellent way to keep your guests loosened up and having fun on your big day. Plus, it’s a great way for you to remember all of the guests who helped you to celebrate your new marriage.

At Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals Shelbyville, we make it easy for you to take your wedding reception to another level with our wide range of photo booth options. Get in touch with us to find out how to book your photo booth today, just in time for your upcoming nuptials.

Wanting to have a grand opening, a holiday celebration party, or just a simply employee appreciation party? A photobooth will definitely be the perfect fit.

Simply because in Picture Perfect Photo Booth Rentals, LLC , we are all about branding. We focus on creating the layout that features your logo perfectly, alongside with the right user experience for your team to form a stronger working relationship together.

Take advantage of our social media integration feature and also our customized strip server with custom backdrops.

Our photos will definitely be a hit at your event and serve as a long term motivational / conversation starter for your team.

Easiest Way to Surprise and Fun

  • Supports Canon DSLR*, Canon Powershot* & Webcam all in one program
  • Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Pinterest
  • Takes Photos, Video & now Slow Motion Video!
  • Built in green screen removal.
  • Light Painting.
  • Customizable screens and Templates
  • Photo Booth Cloud support
  • Magic Mirror Booth features included
  • Filters - Color, B&W, Sepia & Vintage, Cartoon, Sketch, Warhol & more.
  • Animated GIFs, Boomerangs, Animated Overlays & Backgrounds
  • SnapChat filters.
  • Video Host capability
  • Marryoke, Lip Sync, Dubsmash capable.
  • Built in Surveys and Data Collection
  • Integration for credit cards and money collection

Picture Perfect Portable Mirror Booth

The Picture Perfect Portable Mirror Booth is the latest photo booth concept.

Launched in 2019 the Portable Mirror is sweeping the nation. This glamorous booth captures full length photos using a touch screen reflective screen. Strike a pose then customize your pictures using the on screen paint pad.

Your pictures are printed in less than 10 seconds.

Our passion can be seen in the products we hand build as photo booth owners ourselves, we know first hand exactly what is involved in the day to day running of a business and the last thing you need is your equipment letting you down

We use branded products, tested fixtures and fittings and a strong fully padded flight case to make sure your events run successfully.

Mirror Booth Software

Tempered Glass Front & Frame

Easy to Transport


  • Broad Photo industry experience and extensive know how on site
  • Backed by the power of all major vendors
  • Leading edge in innovations
  • Dedicated and flexible team, adaptable to the individual requirements
  • Vendor authorized technical, service and repair center
  • Competitive prices

Our Booth Types

The Mirror Booth: The Next Generation of Photo-based Entertainment.

Photo booths? They’re so ‘last season’! Let’s look at the latest in photo fun with The Mirror Booth!

What is The Mirror Booth?

Essentially, The Mirror Booth is a mirror-based photo booth. Think of it as a selfie on large scale. It’s much more than that though, The Mirror Booth is a giant, interactive selfie machine. We know that the current trend is to add emojis, filters and text to images. Well, The Mirror Booth does all of that and more.

What Features does it have?

Firstly, it looks like a large, full-length mirror.

Animations – there are hundreds of different animations built into the software. The animations also have voices too! There are some based aimed at adults and some aimed at children. Animations can be added too, so if you’re using the Mirror Booth at a wedding, you can add in animations of the bride and groom!

Interactive touch screen – the touch screen means that you can doodle on your pictures and write messages. You can add a signature, a message or a stamp to your photo to make it even more memorable.

Printing and Sharing

The Mirror Booth’s users can decide how many prints they want of their photograph. What’s more, should you want to restrict the number of photos printed, you can be in control and set limits.

If you don’t want to print photos, The Mirror Booth is also capable of sharing them via email. You can also use software to post your images, GIFs or videos to social networking sites.

What sort of places might want to hire it and who might want to use it?

Any time you’re entertaining a large crowd, the Mirror Booth can be an excellent way of giving people take-home memories from an event. Weddings, Christenings, and Christmas parties are ideal places to add in a Mirror Booth. Not only will the guests have extra entertainment, but they’ll also be able to take home photos as a memory or share their experience online.

The Mirror Booth is the latest in entertainment at events. We’re sure there’ll be queues around the block!