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Slow Motion Photo Booth

Introducing the Slow Motion Photo Booth and why your event needs one.

The days when a wedding photographer or videographer was all you needed have long gone. Nowadays many brides and grooms are choosing to have a photo booth at their wedding reception. It’s not just a thing that’s taken off with weddings, many events are bringing in photo booths to liven up the atmosphere. So whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah or a Sweet Sixteenth, a photo booth is a really good add-on to any party.

What is a photo booth?

First things first then for those not in the know, what is a photo booth? Essentially, they’re a machine that you hire that takes photos of your guests. Often, the rental includes an attendant to help organize the guests and there are often props to add to your pictures too. They can be a fun and unique activity for your even guests and provide take-home souvenirs too.

What is a slow motion photo booth?

Since photo booths have taken off, there have been variations to come on the scene. Slow motion photo booths use video rather than stills to create a unique experience and souvenir of your event. No matter what happens in the booth, the results of slow motion are always entertaining! You can project your slow motion videos immediately in your event as well as use them to make a video souvenir of your event.

At Picture Perfect Ohio, our slow motion photo booth takes a 12-second video of your guests and our software slows down the video to an interesting speed to catch every detail. So, whether you’re throwing confetti, blowing a kiss or dancing with your friend, your slow motion video will be a highlight of your evening!

What sort of events are good for a slow motion photo booth?

A slow motion photo booth is ideal for any event with a fun crowd that enjoys a good time. Whether it’s a wedding, a Christening or office Christmas party, a slow motion photo booth will get your guests rolling with laughter! A slow motion photo booth will be loved by all from kids to the older generations alike.

Some ideas for your slow motion photo booth.

Why not give your guests some bubble gum to pop in slow motion? This will guarantee some chuckles as they try to compete for the biggest bubble! Don’t fancy the messy faces? How about providing some slinkies to play with? These look great in slow motion and will have your guests enjoying games from their youth! Speaking of toys from youth, balloons are great too. Your guests will love playing with them.

Why you should get a slow motion photo booth for your event.

If you can’t decide what type of photo booth to get, you won’t be disappointed in your choice of a slow motion photo booth. Everything looks better in slow motion and you can get a really unique souvenir of your event. You’ll be laughing at the videos for years to come!

*This photo booth is only able to provide slow motion videos.